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The future will run on electricity. Not exclusively, but with increasing speed and power. For many reasons: Fossil materials are finite and becoming more expensive. Emissions rules for conventional internal combustion engines are becoming increasingly strict; it is proving to be more and more expensive to meet them efficiently. Urbanization is increasing. Cities are developing into metropolises throughout the world. They are plagued with the emissions of individual transportation, which so far has mostly relied on internal combustion engines. Political pressures are growing, and the first cities and countries are establishing driving bans for diesel cars – the harbingers of a fundamental watershed in automotive history

FST E-Mobility

No supplier in the auto sector can afford to swim against this current. But it is not nearly enough for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies to simply swim with the flow. As a leading technological and market partner, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is setting new standards for sophisticated applications in sealing technology and electric mobility, among many other fields. Leading the way and actively helping to shape the transformation – those are the watchwords. With its unique materials and technology expertise, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is superbly equipped for the challenge ahead and has already charted its course organizationally.

The long-term goal is to provide made-to-order, customer-specific products and systems for nearly all the components of an electric vehicle in close cooperation with customers. With a holistic understanding, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies strives for integrated solutions that ensure a future for sustainable mobility. They already include two-component parts, flat seals and Plug & Seals for batteries and their thermal management. Electric motors need mechanical seals, and Simmerrings® remain essential in the transmissions of electric cars.

Battery Electric Vehicle

The housings of sophisticated control electronics must be sealed as well. In short, products from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are already helping to powerfully accelerate the continued development of electric mobility. And there are numerous starting points for a multitude of other technologically sophisticated solutions.

But it would be shortsighted to bet solely on E-Mobility. Freudenberg is proceeding on two tracks because the transformation of the auto business is occurring in different ways and at different paces worldwide. So it is still an important goal to make internal combustion engines more efficient with emissions-reducing products. The LESS initiative bundles innovations that reduce frictional losses, installation space and weight, for lower fuel consumption and emissions. The gas-lubricated mechanical face seal Levitex is a paramount example of this.

Our colleagues at Freudenberg Performance Materials and Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, along with  the Freudenberg Group website, are sources of still other solutions in the field of electric mobility.





Sustainable sealing solutions for less friction, weight, fuel consumption and emissions.


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17th International CTI Symposium

December 03th to 06th, 2018
Berlin, Germany

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December 04th to 05th, 2018
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