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A Combination of Diverse Elements

Two women are guiding a new class of materials to a breakthrough at Freudenberg. They are making the case for diverse teams in an inclusive culture.

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“Innovation Always Takes Teamwork”

Interview with Vice President Dr. Ruth Bieringer on research and topics for the future.

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Material World

New materials have moved humanity forward. The latest ESSENTIAL is devoted to their most important ingredients: innovation and the art of engineering. 

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Our Stories About

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ESSENTIAL – the Magazine

Don’t Miss a Trend

Smart sealing solutions for nearly every sector, technology trends and exclusive interviews – Find them in our company magazine ESSENTIAL with a print subscription and digitally.


Our company magazine ESSENTIAL offers readers coverage of global megatrends and developments that impact our business and our lives. ESSENTIAL is a bi-annual print magazine that explores key topics like digitalization, renewable energy, or alternative powertrains. Each of these topics is covered online with additional weekly articles between each print issue.

Listen to selected articles from the print edition in our new Audio Book.

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Focus on Technology

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies keeps an eye on the hot topics trending in our industry and among our customers, and continues to explore these issues in depth on their behalf. To better understand even today what will be driving the world tomorrow. Stay informed.

Mockup of ESSENTIAL magazine issue November 2022

Our Magazine

Technologies and trends that impact our business.

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