At Home in the World

Food. Lifestyle. Films. Culture thrives on variety. But if you’re alert in Morocco, Thailand or Bulgaria, you will be greeted by the familiar.

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“By Engaging With Korea, ENGEL Became Global”

Not only large companies position themselves internationally. Smaller companies are setting up plants abroad as well. ENGEL ventured into Asia early on.

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How Global Am I?

There is hardly a country in the world that closes itself off completely to the global community. But how well are individual countries globalized and how can this be measured?

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"You Have to Understand Markets and Customers to Succeed"

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has a global presence, with 70 plants around the world. CEO Claus Möhlenkamp talks about globalization as a positive force.

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Globalization - Where Are We Headed?

2020 is revealing how fully we are all…

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Searching for the Holy Grail

Olympic kayaking champion Thomas Schmidt…

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