Greenhouse Effect in Reverse

In just a few years, CO2 will be a much sought-after raw material that will replace fossil resources. The reason: CO2 contains carbon, the raw material for plastic.

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The Optimist

Will the world’s resources be plentiful enough for 10 billion people? Certainly, says Swedish historian and author Johan Norberg. With progress and openness to new ideas and developments.

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City – Sand – River

Except for water, no resource on the planet is in greater demand than sand. It is in high demand for building construction and increasingly in short supply.

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Stationary Storage Systems

From the road to the factory: XALT Energy's high-performance battery cells are now also being installed in stationary energy storage systems.

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Have We Exhausted Our Options?

Resources are finite. Really? The ideas…

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"You Have to Understand Markets and Customers to Succeed"

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has a…

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