“Globalization Is Entering Its Next Stage”

Harry G. Broadman talks about how COVID-19 will alter the world’s system of network trade, business practices and cultural relationships.

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Solar energy that can be tapped at will. Electricity from tides and waves. For that, engineers and scientists will have to collaborate across boundaries.

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Yūjō [Friendship]

A close partnership has linked Freudenberg and the Japanese company NOK for 60 years. What is the secret of this unusual alliance?

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Searching for the Holy Grail

Olympic kayaking champion Thomas Schmidt appreciates the characteristics of plastics, so much that he designed and built his own kayaks fifteen years ago.

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“We Can Always Reboot Our Country”

We have been speaking with Taavi Kotka,…

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Food & Beverage

The Full Flavor

The three megatrends of the beverage industry.…

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