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FST Wyman Hare

Wyman Hare

Machine Setup – Growtth* Manager – Operations Manager – Growtth Director – Production Partner Manager, Cleveland, GA

Welcome to the "Employee Spotlight". This series introduces us to employees from all around the world as well as from all different job functions within our company. We get the opportunity to gain insights on their work life and to learn the variety of job options that are available within the company.

Wyman Hare has been with the company for 30 years. During his career, he has worked on the production floor as well as in the department that deals with continuous improvement. Hare’s focus was on improvements within his plant and his division, which all added value to customer relations. Today, Wyman serves the company as production partner manager, responsible for overseeing all manufacturing at the plant and actively collaborating with other managers within the division globally.

Here Is His Story:

Freudenberg’s culture of innovation and long-term orientation has resulted in continuous improvement, whether it’s the processes, the people or the product. We provide training in manufacturing systems – which includes Lean System, Six Sigma and Shainin Red X methodologies – and reimbursement for education to ensure that people have the right tools to positively affect the business and their careers. Thirty years ago, Freudenberg was a new, non-textiles business unknown to Cleveland. Today, we’re thriving as the leading expert in sealing technologies and electric mobility.

The training I have received at Freudenberg-NOK has helped me develop my career and provided me with opportunities to expand my skills, as well as exposed me to multiple job functions and work areas. I find it most rewarding to watch people grow and help them achieve goals they did not think they could. I enjoy the challenge of developing something that was viewed as difficult to improve. It’s exciting to watch the different stages of change and progress happen.

I believe everyone wants to do a good job, and my role is to remove roadblocks and provide the necessary means to help teams do the job to the best of their ability. I understand the struggles they face daily, and I like to challenge them in ways that make them and us better and help them reach their goals. Going forward, I am interested to see how the business progresses with the introduction of new machines and processes. Digitalization, automatic data collection and the way we work with the machines are increasing productivity. Immediate feedback and data show what is happening during each machine’s cycle, allowing us to promptly correct any issues.

*Growtth: Get Rid Of Waste Through Team Harmony

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