Domenico Solea
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Domenico Solea
Business Unit Manager

Welcome to the „Employee Spotlight“. This series introduces us to employees from all around the world as well as from all different job functions within our company. We get the opportunity to gain insights on their work life and to learn the variety of job options that are available within the company. In today’s spotlight: Domenico Solea, Business Unit Manager at Freundenberg Sealing Technologies.

About Domenico

In my team there is the business unit manager (myself), who is responsible for the entire finishing area. There is a coordinator who runs the work of the area, and there are also 2 technical setters who deal with technical issues. With this organization, each person knows exactly what his/her tasks are and in case of issues he/she knows who the person in charge of solving them is.

What makes working with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies different from other companies or teams you’ve worked with?

Working for a multinational company like Freudenberg is different because one focus is paying attention to interpersonal relationships - I can say that Freudenberg people count! There is emphasis on training the staff in order to develop their skills and allow them to have a successful career. At Freudenberg, respecting the rules is very important. This also takes into account respecting the customers’ requests too.

Domenico Solea

Why did you decide you wanted to work here?

I decided to leave my previous job because I wanted to improve my abilities and gain more experiences. Also, I love the challenges too. I chose this company because it has been successful for so many years and it is a leader in our territory. I have always heard very good things about it.

Can you tell us about the culture at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies?

I had the pleasure to get to know Ms. Cosso, member of one of the company’s founding families, last Christmas and I understood from her personal history the respect she had for the work, for her employees, and for the personal relationships among workers. I still see these values in the company. Today we live in a multicultural society and our company cares about employing people from different cultures and nationalities.

(The company goes back to the 1930s, when the Freudenberg family started to work together with the Cosso family, who conveyed its shares in the company to Freudenberg in 2008)

I can honestly say that this company pays attention to talent development so it is possible to have big career opportunities.

What does Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have to offer regarding career / talent development?

I’m a perfect example of what this company can offer in terms of career development. I started only 5 years ago as a basic employee and now I’m a production manager for the finishing area and I’m responsible for many workers. I can honestly say that this company pays attention to talent development so it is possible to have big career opportunities.

Do you have recommendations for potential future colleagues when applying for a job with Freudenberg?

I would say to future colleagues that if they are hardworking, educated, flexible, and eager to learn and to improve themselves this is the right company for them!


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