FST Product Innovation


Product Innovation

Thinking ahead

Innovation means progress for the benefit of customers

Innovations are the driving force behind dynamic economic growth. This is why there is a long tradition at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies of thinking ahead in order to identify customers' needs and developing new solutions. This gives customers the technical edge they need to be successful on the market.

Innovative thinking is securely anchored in the corporate culture at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. The company's innovation-friendly structures also pave the way for ground-breaking successes. Divisions that specialize in product groups work hand in hand with their customers on the development of new products. In doing so, they know they can rely on the support of the Advanced Product Engineering Centers in Europe, America, and Japan, where the company focuses its sealing technology expertise. In-house calculations, simulations, and tests on high-tech test benches cut development times and guarantee high quality, durability, and progress. For example, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has been awarded twice for their groundbreaking process innovation technology SUL, a patented narrow strip forming laser welding device, combining ecological with economical sustainability.

A thorough understanding of elastomer materials and production processes and their continuous improvement are other key characteristics of the innovation culture at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. Other features include joint development projects with the Freudenberg group's research and development facilities and with universities and research institutes.