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Strategic distribution partners


Close to customers around the world

Strategic distribution partners provide consulting and ensure the global availability of the entire seal portfolio

A comprehensive distribution network is a key component of first-class customer service and an expression of a true closeness to the customer. Original equipment manufacturers, maintenance and service providers, machine and facility operators: Around the globe, they all expect Freudenberg Sealing Technologies seals in original quality to increase machine uptime.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies proceeds just as systematically in the selection of its strategic distribution partners as it does with seal quality. Its global network consists of an exclusive group of highly qualified distributors who are well-qualified contact points for customers.

Long-term partnerships

FST Distribution

These distribution partnerships are based on trust and – as the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Guiding Principles suggest – are oriented to the long-term. As a rule, they have grown up over many decades. These Preferred Distributors are more than just dealers. As partners, they coordinate their business strategies closely with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, and the exchange of knowledge and experience takes place on an ongoing basis. These distribution partners share the company’s quality standards and values.

They safeguard the high quality and service standards to which Freudenberg Sealing Technologies customers are accustomed. Their presence and expertise make it possible to supply global customers reliably and with custom-fit solutions as they tackle local market requirements. The distributors’ market access and their closeness to the customer – combined with the company’s know-how – ensure rapid, customer-specific solutions.

Customer benefits at a glance

Highly qualified and certified contacts for technical distribution: In all the key markets, the fruitful cooperation between Freudenberg Sealing Technologies and its distribution partners provides customers with:

  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ globally unique product line,
  • the highest quality standards for products and services,
  • customer-specific product solutions due to access to the company’s engineering services and materials expertise,
  • informed consultation based on a knowledge of global and local market requirements,
  • a variety of exclusive services,
  • high delivery reliability and secure supply chain management.

Relevant Online Services

FST and FNST E-Catalog

With the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies E-Catalog, you find the right part for your application in no time at all. Use our E-Catalog and make use of products drawings, CAD geometries, product and materials datasheets.


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E-Catalogs for America: Fluid powerO-rings and radial shaft seals.

CAD service

Take advantage of more than ten thousands sealing components in 2D or 3D drawings.

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Simmerring® catalog

The brand-new Simmerring® catalog, offers a detailed overview of the company’s Simmerring® portfolio. These languages are available:

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Fluid Power catalog

Relevant products and applications in this market segment

FST Dynamische Dichtungen Dynamic Seals

Dynamic Seals

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Dynamic Seals


Wipers in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders protect the interior of the cylinder from the penetration of external contaminants when the rod is retracted.

Dynamic Seals

Valve Stem Seals

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Valve Stem Seals control leak rate for the life of the engine to assure correct guide lubrication while avoiding excessive oil consumption.

Dynamic Seals

Radial Shaft Seals

While Freudenberg Sealing Technologies invented the Radial Shaft Seal, we haven't stood still. The Simmerring® continues to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of our customers.

Dynamic Seals

V-Ring Seals and Deflectors

V-Ring Seals and Deflectors must withstand a great deal. So Freudenberg Sealing Technologies had to come up with something special to meet heavy industry's often high expectations in this area.


Guide Rings

Guide Rings have the task of guiding the rods and pistons of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and preventing direct metallic contact with the cylinder housing.

Dynamic Seals

Rod Seals

Rod Seals are primarily used in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and have the task of sealing the incoming and outgoing cylinder rod.

FST Dynamische Dichtungen Dynamic Seals Kolbendichtungen Piston Seals

Piston Seals

Piston Seals in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders have the task of sealing the piston against the cylinder tube.

Dynamic Seals


The requirements are high. Freedom from leakage is not only a "must" for drive shafts in shipping. Cleanliness is also of utmost importance in the paper industry with its high-speed rolls.

FST Dynamische Dichtungen Dynamic Seals Damp Seal

Damp & Seal

The Damp & Seal damper seal from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies combines three functions into a single component.

FST Static Seals Statische Dichtungen

Static Seals

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

FST Static Seals Statische Dichtungen O-Ringe O-rings


Endless O-Rings with a circular cross-section: O-Rings are among the sealing classics par excellence.

Hygiene Usit Ring

Usit Rings

Designed in compliance with hygienic standards, the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Hygienic Usit Ring with an elastomer bead is setting new purity benchmarks in the processing industry.

FST Special Seals Spezialdichtungen

Special sealing products

Portfolio Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

FST Special Seals Spezialdichtungen Encoder


Together with an appropriate sensor, Multipole Encoders provide for the precise measurement of speed and rotation angle for several applications in the automotive and general industry.

FST Caps


Sealing Caps from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provide the secure sealing of round borings in housings and are available in a great many different versions.

FST Boots


Single- and multiple-convolution boots are protective seals for socket joints, ball joints and articulated shafts.

FST Diaphragms


Diaphragms may be used in an array of applications, including pumps, actuators, hydro-accumulators, valves, and regulators.

FST Precision Molded Parts

Precision Molded Parts

Precision Molded Parts consist wholly of elastomer materials and offer high precision, tight dimensional tolerances and high surface quality.

FST Special Seals Spezialdichtungen Stopfbuchspackungen Stuffing Box Packings

Stuffing Box Packings

So-called Stuffing Box Packings have been tried-and-tested for extremely high temperatures and chemical resistance in pump and valve applications.

FST Plug and Seal

Plug & Seal

Plug & Seal connectors are pipe sections that are rubberized on their exterior surfaces, with two sealing beads and shock absorbers.


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