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Special Sealing Products

Special Sealing Products 

Special Sealing Products are customized solutions with special geometries or application requirements. As they are always individually designed and produced, you need a sealing solutions expert with excellent material, product and application know-how. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is the top innovator in the field, providing you with the maximum technical competence in consulting, engineering and manufacturing.

Rubber Bellow Seal & Dust Boot Cover Seals

Protection From External Influences

Single- and multiple-convolution boots are protective seals for socket joints, ball joints and articulated shafts. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers a wide variety of boots and dust covers for a broad range of applications in the auto industry as well as general industry. Boots are used in steering systems, chassis and drivetrains and protect moving parts against external influences and emersion of lubricants.

Various potential solutions become available through the use of various materials, sizes and designs. Our dust covers for example can be designed single or double convoluted, rubber-only or reinforced with integrated rings at one or both sealing areas.

Boots made of TPE have proven to be a superb solution for sealing constant velocity joints for drivelines as well as for automotive steering systems.

Catalog Boots

The Freudenberg catalog program (“V6“ series) offers a wide variety of different bellows designs designs in the catalog for special sealing products and in our e-catalog.

Image detail of a flexible boot from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in various colors

More than 300 single- and multi-convolution bellows are available fast and cost-efficient. They prevent from emersion of lubricants of the joints and protect against dirt, dust and other environmental influences. Catalog boots are mainly used for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, in machine-building, in agricultural machines and construction equipment and many other industries.

In addition to the standard materials CR and NBR, the products can be delivered in special materials like EPDM, HNBR, FKM or VMQ.With our universal cable bushing made of PVC we offer a versatile sealing against dirt, moisture or noise emission. Its characterized by its flexible use due to graded diameters and a very easy assembly. Apart from the wide range of bellows, the development and production of customized bellows, e.g., according to customer's drawings, is possible.

Our Products in Detail

Dust covers

Dust Covers

Dust covers protect shaft joints, ball studs and steering linkages from environmental contaminants. They can be filled with lubricants, or can be used dry and enable tilting and turning. Dust covers are made of CR as a single or double convoluted boot and can be reinforced with metal inserts at the throat, the socket or both areas. The advantages of reinforced dust covers are that corrosion or loss of the ring and damage of the boot through sharp clip rings are impossible.

Driveshaft boots

Driveshaft Boots

Driveshaft boots or CVJ boots made of TPE are used in the front- and rear-wheel drive systems of cars, construction machinery and commercial vehicles. They ensure steady lubrication of the joint and reliable and durable sealing against the emission of grease and the ingress of dirt. For joints with noncircular boot fitting we offer the Trilobe-Design, which is available with or without additional adapter.

Propshaft boots

Propshaft Boots

The Propshaft boot is a version of the dust cover in S-shape, which “rolls” around the joint at the assembly. The boot is made of CR or HNBR and is characterized by its high speed stability, a high resistance against inner pressure and its easy assembly process. This boot can also be designed with inserts at one or both sealing areas.

Rack and pinion boots

Rack and Pinion Boots

Multi-convoluted boots with adapted geometry for protection of steering linkages.

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