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Stationary Fuel Cells

The NEX Product Family

Due to their modular design, these innovative energy systems can be expanded, integrated and combined to meet your desires and requirements. The groundbreaking fuel-cell NEX 2400 is the heart of these systems. This revolutionary fuel-cell cogeneration unit is an ideal way to provide your home with electricity and heat.

The NEX 2400 Max and the NEX 2400 Plus are the right solutions, whether you need a complete heating system, would like to update some of your equipment, or decide that you will need greater efficiency later. You benefit from the maximum flexibility and efficiency at any stage.

Our energy systems are impressive for the following reasons:

  • Ongoing reduction in energy costs by up to 50 percent*
  • The NEX 2400 is the most efficient cogeneration plant in its class with more than 8,000 operating hours* per year
  • The NEX 2400’s overall efficiency of 105 percent
  • The NEX 2400’s A++ efficiency class
  • Superb coverage of the basic needs of one- to two-family houses
  • High level of support from the federal and state governments
  • Minimal planning and installation expense
  • Quiet and comfortable operation
  • Ideal design for new constructions, heating system replacement and efficiency upgrades

* Depending on consumption

The reinvention of energy conservation – with Freudenberg energy systems

A Comparison of Our Energy Systems:

Elcore 2400 Plus

NEX 2400 Plus

The NEX 2400 Plus provides turbocharged efficiency for existing heating systems as it also offers the option of producing electricity. Existing system components can be used as peak load devices until they are replaced.

Elcore 2400 Max

NEX 2400 Max

The NEX 2400 Max is the perfect all-around player. It supplements the perfectly tuned components of the NEX 2400 Plus with a highly efficient natural gas condensing boiler, which operates only at peak loads. That makes the NEX 2400 Max a complete solution for the optimal production of electricity and heat.