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FST Elastomer Materials Elastomere Werkstoffe EPDM


Thanks to its excellent stability in water and aqueous solutions, EPDM is one of the most widespread materials in the food and pharmaceuticals industry with its share of approx. 70 percent.

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Because of their wide range of compounding possibilities, FKM materials from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offer great flexibility to suit the respective customer-specific application.

FST Elastomer Materials Elastomere Werkstoffe Fluoroprene XP

Fluoroprene® XP

Fluoroprene® XP is the premium allrounder amongst our quality materials, which unifies the advantages of EPDM and FKM particularly cost-effectively.

FST Elastomer Materials Elastomere Werkstoffe HNBR


Our HNBR is a further development of normal NBR polymers and thus opens up a wider range of possible applications for the processing industry than the classic NBR materials.

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NBR is a cost-efficient material solution and features good cold flexibility with a low acrylonitrile content, elastic properties and tough wear resistance.

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PAI – Polyamide-imide

PAI is a thermoplastic that has high strength and stiffness up to 275°C while offering outstanding resistance to creep, wear, and chemical attack.

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PEEK offers similar chemical stability to PTFE, however has better mechanical properties.

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With POM, PA and PU, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers three high performance materials for the processing industry that are optimally designed to meet the various requirements.

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PTFE from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is very impressive with its great media stability and can be optimized for the respective application by blending it.

FST Elastomer Materials Elastomere Werkstoffe Simriz


With Simriz® perfluoroelastomers, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is offering the processing industry the high-end solution in materials technology. In terms of its resistance to media and temperature, Simriz is suited to the most demanding applications.

FST Elastomer Materials Elastomere Werkstoffe VMQ


VMQ silicone elastomers are used in demanding thermal applications, and, due to their purity, are especially suited for hygienic uses in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

FST Elastomer Materials Elastomere Werkstoffe White Compounds Weiße Werkstoffe

White Compounds

White sealing materials offer the same performance as their classic black counterparts and represent the ideal technical solution for applications in the pharmaceutical as well as the food and beverage industries.