Nicole Schneider
Material expertise  13.11.2018

The three megatrends of the beverage industry: Interview with Nicole Schneider

Most people today know exactly what they expect from a beverage: firstly, it should taste good, and secondly, it should be healthy. The third trend suggests it doesn’t always have to be completely liquid, but can have a solid component – smoothies. What effects are these trends having on production and bottling lines? An interview with Nicole Schneider, Vice President Global Market Sector Process Industry, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

The trend toward individualized taste has resulted in wide-ranging diversification, seen for instance in the increasing supply of craft beer. As new product variants are usually produced in existing plants, seals are coming into contact with considerably more flavors. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed the Fluoroprene XP material family to meet this challenge. It is structured so that flavors cannot be transferred.

Many consumers are also interested in healthy beverages produced with as few preservatives as possible – yet still have a long shelf life. More and more aggressive detergents are needed to prevent bacteria from getting into the beverage. Seals must be resistant to these acids and alkalis.

For beverages with a solid component such as smoothies, no product residue should remain on the seals, such as seeds in a strawberry smoothie. Seals should also be stiffer and harder to tear as smoothies apply more pressure than completely liquid beverages.

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