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E-mobility  Sustainability  13.03.2017

Energy-efficient Machinery Thanks to FST

At the beginning of March, the top players in hydraulic control technology were gathering at the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE). The world’s largest trade fair of its kind, the event drew manufacturers and suppliers to Las Vegas from March 7 to 11. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) was presenting its innovative products there as well. They provide an aspect that is in great demand in the industry: energy efficiency.

When people think about the vehicles in the construction and agricultural industries, they often envision powerful, high-performance machinery. Here high technology meets the art of engineering. Each clearly has its price. For buyers, however, the expenses during subsequent years, that is, the cost of repairs, maintenance and energy, are at least as important as the purchase cost. That is why the manufacturers of construction and agricultural vehicles, whose best known representatives are gathering at the exhibition in Las Vegas, have the overall cost of ownership in mind as well. In order to lower it, ostensibly small factors can have a huge effect. One example is high-performance sealing systems in these machines.

This is exactly where FST can score points: Joel Johnson, who is in charge of FST’s global machinery business, makes this clear: “Lifecycle costs can be reduced with high-quality sealing systems in two ways. On one hand, they improve the efficiency of the powertrain, reducing fuel costs. On the other hand, they extend the life of the equipment.” Working with its customers, FST has developed sealing systems that withstand more than 18,000 hours of extreme loads.

FST Essential
FST Essential
FST Essential
FST Essential

Not least of all, this is the result of FST’s continual investment in the development of the best possible materials for its sealing systems. It offers an abundance of expertise as a consequence. A specified material can be used in temperatures ranging from -35 to +120°C – and thus is suitable for all climatic zones while promoting the longevity and energy efficiency of the equipment in which it is installed. In many countries, the emissions limits in force are easier to meet with the help of efficient sealing systems. The rule of thumb: The greater the limitations, the more seals are needed in the powertrain.

Especially in light of the debates over emissions limits, Johnson considers the ever-increasing importance of electric mobility to be obvious for industrial trucks such as forklifts and pallet trucks. On the other hand, a hybrid system would be conceivable for classic excavators for which the load fluctuates considerably during operation. “In construction equipment today, there is almost always a hydraulic system used as a drive of the work machine – this is the only way that powerful forces can be transmitted efficiently,” Johnson said. “The pressure in the hydraulic system used for this purpose is held in reserve in what is called an accumulator. This component is already an energy storage device today. If the phases with lower loads are used to fill the accumulator, the overall energy balance is improved.” At the IFPE in Las Vegas, FST was presenting a new process with much greater productivity in accumulator manufacturing. FST is also thinking ahead in this regard — fully in keeping with the idea of energy efficiency.

"Lifecycle costs can be reduced with high-quality sealing systems."

Joel Johnson, Global Vice President - Mobile Machinery Sector


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