Battery and Fuel Cell Technology


Battery and Fuel Cell Technology

Charged Up for the Future

Made-to-Order Sealing Solutions for Batteries and Fuel Cells

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is making progress in climate-friendly transportation and resource-saving stationary energy generation – as shown by the many innovative products and tried-and-tested system solutions for lithium ion batteries and fuel cells in its portfolio.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has been energetically pursuing the pinnacle of electrified powertrain technology: battery and fuel cell technologies merged into systems that combine the strengths of both methods while offsetting their weaknesses. The goal is to provide complete systems composed of the two technologies – and do it from a single source. The expertise that the company has gained over decades in the automotive and energy segments is a great help in these efforts.

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Battery and Fuel Cell Technologies from a Single Source

The company has consolidated its fuel cell and battery activities in a new division. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has also increased and deepened its expertise with an acquisition and a strategic investment, expanding its product line in the process.

Freudenberg acquired fuel cell manufacturer Elcore in early 2018. Elcore specializes in the development of highly efficient fuel cell equipment that produces heat and electricity for one- and two-family houses. Freudenberg intends to develop this technology further for mobile applications.

Since the beginning of 2019, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies holds the majority stake of XALT Energy in the US. The company specializes in applying lithium-ion technology to large-scale, high-energy, high-power storage solutions for industries including commercial transportation, rail, shipbuilding, industrial operations and automotive. XALT Energy’s 460,000-square-foot automated assembly facility in Michigan includes advanced clean rooms and produces cells, packs, modules and management controls and software for lithium-ion power systems. The company also operates a research and development laboratory in Pontiac, Mich..

Xalt Energy

Hydrogen as Fuel

The larger the means of transportation and the longer the route, the more the advantages of hydrogen-powered fuel cells come into play. The overall fuel cell system doesn’t work without reliable sealing technologies. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed highly precise seals for the cell’s core — its stack. Their designs are highly precise, always delicate yet robust in operation thanks to materials specific to fuel cells. The seals are also tailored to the customer’s specifications. They offer the pure high technology that is essential for the low- and high temperature environments in mobile and stationary applications. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies also has a wide range of sealing solutions for the periphery of the fuel cell around the stack.

In the development of battery technologies, the focus is on thermal management, safety and multi-functionality. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has been pressing ahead with a wide range of battery innovations. Some prime examples are the pressure compensation element DIAvent, the patented profile-to-gasket (P2G) seal for traction-battery housings, thermally conductive plastic housings and a novel heat shield to protect against the “undesired side-effects” of damaged cells.

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