Picture Frames
Plastic is becoming more and more popular, especially for large pictures.

Circuit Boards
in electronic devices consist of fiber-reinforced plastic plates.

Electric Cables
are insulated with nonconductive plastic.

Façade Insulation
made from insulating foam or Styrofoam, for example

Screw Covers made of plastic enhance the look of furnishings. Plastic pins sometimes replace wooden dowels, and running rails for drawers are usually made of plastic.

Clothing is partially made of plastic fibers in many cases. And the soles of shoes are made of plastic.

frames made of plastic

Lamps and Lights
Designers and interior architects value the creative freedom that plastic offers.

mostly consist of foamed plastic.

Sofas and Pillows
are made of foam and often covered with materials containing plastic.

for glass plates or mirrors are frequently made from elastic plastics.

Sponges, Rubber Gloves and other household aids are made of polymers and elastomers.

with plastic coating

become slip-proof with the help of rubber linings.

Drainpipes are mostly made of PVC. Drain seals are made of silicone and other plastics.

Work Surface
coated with laminate

Insulation made of polyurethane, interior panels made of poly­styrene

adhere thanks to dispersion adhesives that contain plastic.

Kitchen Appliances
The controls for kitchen and electric appliance are mostly made of plastic. The baskets and rails of dishwashers are frequently encased in plastic.

Most eyeglasses today consist of polycarbonate or poly allyl diglycol carbonate. Designers turn to plastics for the frames as well.

Outdoor Furniture
is made from various plastics, which makes it weatherproof.