FST Safe


Safe® Product marking technology

Unique safety

Patented product labeling protects against counterfeiting

Safe® – secure adaptive Freudenberg encryption – offers the processing industry the highest application security thanks to its ability to be identified and its traceability.

Only quality products that are precisely designed to meet requirements fulfill the sophisticated needs of the processing industry. Safe® – the new product marking technology from Freudenberg – gives you the security of using original quality in accordance with your standards, to ensure seamless traceability of the component used and to prevent the use of non-verifiable fakes.

This is how we make your seal unique

The innovative product marking technology safe® identifies sealing components among other things using a patented laser label with a 24-digit encryption code, making it impossible to copy them. The information it contains on item, batch and serial number, manufacturing date as well as recorded customer-specific use and licensing information can be read easily and reliably using a reading device, our safety software and a commercially available notebook. What is unique: Due to the high level of redundancy of the code, safe® product marking can still easily be read - even if up to 60% of the code has been destroyed.

FDA compliant and hygienic marking technology

By laser marking the code in the sealing material, Freudenberg can dispense with mixing in marking substances or components and thus ensures the FDA compliance of the sealing material used. The code depth of the laser marking is also harmless to hygienic applications. For this purpose, Freudenberg subjected marked seals to successful tests according to EHEDG.

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