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Recognizing customer needs going forward and developing new solutions for today and tomorrow is a tradition at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. It delivers a technical advantage that customers can convert into their own market success.

Fundamental to this are our innovation-friendly structures. Specialist product group divisions work in close consultation with customers on the design of new products. In doing so, they can count on the support of our Advanced Product Development system in Europe, America and Japan where our all-round expertise in sealing technology is concentrated. Calculations, simulations and tests carried out on high-tech test benches cut development times and safeguard quality right from the start.

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The continuous improvement of our sealing materials and production processes is the cornerstone of the culture of innovation at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. This is supported by development projects undertaken within the Freudenberg Group’s research and development facilities and with universities and research institutions.

Customer survey responses attest to the high level of innovative strength at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. And to make sure it stays like that, we as a specialist technology supplier apply our vision and systematic approach to our work on pioneering innovations. The mainspring of our efforts is always to obtain the greatest possible customer benefit. The development engineers of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ Advanced Product Development work on joint projects to pioneer new features and products across continents. Working alongside them at all times are Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ materials specialists, product specialists in the individual divisions and often research institutions and prospective customers. A recent example: The international Competence Center E-mobilty & Battery Technologies develops sealing components for Lithium battery systems, with which future electrical vehicles will be equipped.


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