Garching, Germany | September 13-15, 2017

International Conference on Gears

The International Conference on Gears takes place at the Technical University of Munich (The Gear Research Center, or FZG). More than 600 experts from the international transmission sector are expected. They will be sharing information on current developments and research in the drivetrain field. High-performance plastic transmissions will be a special focus.

With its sealing systems for industrial drivetrain technology, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers a broad range of solutions. Industrial transmissions are subject to heavy loads and are expected to offer ever-longer operating lives. Groundbreaking sealing technology from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is one key to their success. Along with the lubricant and the shaft, Simmerrings create an efficient tribological system to handle a growing number of new challenges. They include new processing treatments for shaft surfaces and continuous improvements in high-additive lubricant compositions.

The sealing specialist also provides the right solution for hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors and valves, since sealing performance is crucial to the high efficiency of hydraulic equipment. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers solutions that stand up to extremely high and low temperatures and pressures.

Freudenberg experts look forward to your visit.


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