Graz, Austria | June 01-02, 2017

29th International AVL Conference – “Engine & Environment”

Europe’s political world has ambitious goals for climate protection. They even involve the smallest adjustments – in the automotive sector, naturally, as well as other areas. That’s why “Engine & Environment,” as the 29th International AVL Conference is titled, is addressing the issue of how CO2 emissions in the drivetrain can be reduced in the long run.


For example, electric vehicles are an important building block for greater environmental protection. Even if their market share only rises significantly after a few years, certain levers must be pushed even at this early stage. The issue naturally has an impact on conventional internal combustion engines. Do they even have a future – and what will it be? What role will new technologies and developments play? These and other questions are at the center of the 29th International AVL Conference, which is entitled “Engine & Environment.”

Naturally, with so much expertise on hand, the event is a “must” for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, a market leader in technology, quality and service. As a supplier to all the key automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide, the seal manufacturer’s products can be found in a wide variety of brands. The results of this expertise – which was built up over decades – are sealing solutions for the automotive and commercial vehicle segments that integrate seamlessly into the latest vehicle developments. The portfolio includes a wide assortment of seals – from O-rings to bidirectional low-friction cassette seals.

Freudenberg experts look forward to your visit.


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