Hygienic Design

3D Animation Tablet Press

Discover our sealing solutions for tablet presses in the pharmaceutical industry.

E-Mobility 3D Animation

Dive into our interactive 3D animation to discover cutting-edge E-Mobility automotive components from Freudenberg.

Whether it’s E-powertrains, power electronics, or battery systems, we provide customized solutions using application-appropriate materials and technology expertise that meets your unique needs.

3D Animation Hydraulic Cylinder

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) develops seals whose materials and geometries are perfectly matched to the increasingly demanding applications and often harsh ambient conditions in fluid technology.

Virtual Tour Freudenberg Xpress®

Discover the process from the first sealing need to the finished product made by Freudenberg Xpress®.

Virtual Tour Test Bench

The test bench at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers you new validation possibilities for perfectly matching seals to your individual process.

3D Animation Coater

Discover our sealing solutions for coaters in the pharmaceutical industry.

3D Animation Double Seat Valve

Discover our sealing solutions for double seat valves in the food and beverage industry.

3D Animation Mixer

Discover our sealing solutions for mixers in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry.

Diesel Engine 3D Animation

Use our interactive 3D animation to learn more about products from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies within a commercial diesel engine.

Whether it’s Plug and Seal for engine cooling, Forseals for high-pressure fuel pump, or Simmerrings® to seal rotating shafts reliably, discover them all.


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