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Accumulators from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Help Tame Industry Pressures

Las Vegas, March 7, 2017 – Freudenberg Sealing Technologies will showcase a range of hydraulic accumulator solutions for fluid power customers at the 2017 International Fluid Power Expo (IFPE) in Las Vegas March 7-11.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, a global leader in seal and gasket technology for multiple industries, also offers customers an entire range of piston, diaphragm and bladder accumulators engineered to address significant industry challenges including greater component durability, longer operating life, fuel efficiency and emissions reduction. 

“Our line of hydraulic accumulators can be customized to address factors like physical size, fluid volume, working pressure, corrosion resistance and global certification requirements,” said Kurt Ziminski, head of Accumulators Division, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. “Our expert material and product design capabilities, for example, allow us to offer customers various membrane, sealing and housing options that are completely unique to an industrial application.”

In addition to its application-optimized, in-house development of rubber materials and sealing solutions, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’  accumulators are manufactured to accommodate different oil and gas connections, permissible operating overpressure up to 1.500 bar, high bursting strength and high permissible dynamic loads, and coverage of a wide temperature range.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies will display a variety of piston, diaphragm and bladder accumulators, including a series of lightweight diaphragm accumulators, at its IFPE booth (#82630). In addition, the company will also display a combined system of a piston accumulator with a hydraulic cylinder at the show.

More information on hydraulic accumulators from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies can be found here.

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