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Successful Advanced Training – With Social Distancing and the Latest Technology During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies sends employees and customers into a virtual classroom.

FST Virtual Classroom

Technical competence, inventiveness and motivation are the hallmarks of the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies workforce. One of the reasons for this is the significance which the family business attaches to the advanced training of its employees: It offers them the opportunity to continuously develop their skills and learn throughout their lives – with the help of the company’s own training academy. Its qualified instructors used the last few months to expand the academy’s digital offerings. This includes the new virtual classroom, which provides an entirely new seminar experience – and also complies with the required safety regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic. The online room makes it possible to offer live e-learning that is just as high-quality and interactive as in-person seminars – as the first pilot events have shown.

Virtual Product Training and Customer Events

Recently, 31 employees from Germany, France, Austria, Korea and China participated in virtual product training and were amazed at the many possibilities offered by this new format – from 3D animations and videos to a kind of digital microscope for detailed product depictions. Thanks to the technology, different cameras, hardware, software and a green screen, the instructor was also able to stand in front of the presentation he was giving. He brought real objects into the room and wrote what was said on a flip chart for everyone to see. Participants got a sense of being right next to the instructor when he placed small objects under the digital magnifying glass; he also took notes on a digital whiteboard and worked on documents with the group. Furthermore, the participants could share their own webcams or screens or – with a QR code and their cell phones – send a live stream into the virtual classroom. In addition to this product training, various conferences and workshops have already been held with customers in the virtual classroom. After all, the possible applications are nearly endless. To join such an event, the participants only need Internet access, then they can enter the virtual room via computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.a

Virtual Classroom Impressions

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