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Virtual Event | October 25, 2021 - September 29, 2022

Sealing Battery Housings in Electric Mobility Applications

Webinar on demand: Managing the Complexity of Sealing Battery Housings in Electric Mobility Applications.

As the world of E-mobility continues to rapidly evolve, robust sealing solutions remain critical for high-performance operation and extended service life. One such area where the challenges of sealing involve more than just perimeter length is battery housings. Manufacturers must consider the right materials while creating the correct gasket configuration that works with the components used for the battery housing. The seal must prevent the intrusion of dust, dirt, salt, and water while simultaneously helping to contain any thermal event arising from the contents of the housing. Additionally, these gasket designs must be certified to specific application conditions and be produced consistently to perform exactly as designed.

This 60-minute Webinar reviews the challenges associated with battery housing sealing used in electric mobility and provides guidance about the critical factors that must be considered in every sourcing decision.

Available on demand until September 29, 2022

Additionally please find the documented Q&A session from our live event.

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