Zanna Brock
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Zanna Brock
General Industry Customer Service Specialist

"Most importantly, you do not need to leave to develop and advance, there are plenty of opportunities within Freudenberg."

An Interview with Zanna Brock, General Industry Customer Service Specialist at Freudenberg.

Zanna Brock

In about five sentences, please give us an overview of your job at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies?

I serve as a primary interface with the heavy industry customers in North America. These customers include steel and aluminum mills, tunnel boring machine manufacturers, and companies making or repairing large hydraulic cylinders. Many of our products are very large and often can cost several thousand dollars per component. I also handle RFQs, use CRM to send cost inquiries to manufacturing plants, and issue quotes to customers. Because our company is global, international cooperation is required on a daily basis. My goal is to match our customer’s needs with the best possible solution.

What makes working with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies different from other companies or teams you’ve worked with?

My previous experience is in the insurance industry, but I have taken valuable lessons with me to Freudenberg. It is important to build relationships and understand the company’s products. I always ask myself, “How can I be more valuable to my customers?” and “How can I prove they can rely on me?”. When I first started, I would study the oil seal catalog at night to learn our product line. The materials we use make us stand out in the sealing world. The quality of our products separates us from our competition.

There are many facets to what we stand for and what we can offer as a company.

Zanna Brock

Why did you decide you wanted to work here?

One of my friends recommended Freudenberg to me. I joined the company as a receptionist at the front desk. Within one week, I was moved to Customer Service and given an opportunity to help customers. I learned a great deal from talking to our customers, as many of them shared their experience and knowledge with me. I was eager to learn.

Can you tell us about the culture at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies?

Sure. Global cooperation is vital to serving our customers. CRM is an excellent tool for collaborating with our global lead centers. Continuous improvement is in our company’s DNA and we are constantly searching for ways to improve customer satisfaction. We have open, international communication and all work as part of global teams.

What does Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have to offer regarding career/talent development?

There are many facets to what we stand for and what we can offer as a company. The Freudenberg name really does mean something in the industry. We are known for providing excellent training and truly developing the expertise within our associates. Our employees are also known for a strong work ethic and they operate according to our Guiding Principles. Over the past few years, even more development paths and training modules have been made available to our employees.

Zanna Brock

Do you have recommendations for potential future colleagues when applying for a job with Freudenberg?

Well, it depends. Do you want a job or a career? There are many opportunities to develop personal areas of expertise. Training modules are now more relevant and structured than ever. Managers should help identify strengths and help employees develop them, but it is always up to the employee to take advantage of new opportunities. Most importantly, you do not need to leave to develop and advance, there are plenty of opportunities within Freudenberg.

How is your team organized or what does it look like?

My team originally consisted of seven people in General Industry Customer Service but has since grown in staff, product lines represented, customers served, and sales dollars managed. Now our department includes Inside Sales and Customer Service people located in Plymouth, Milan and Santa Ana. We work very closely with the Heavy Industry sales team, including sales and engineering experts specializing in the large seals required for that sector.


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