Chris Langenstein, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies
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Chris Langenstein
Global IT Manager ERP Financial Management

"I consider Freudenberg Sealing Technologies to be one of the Top 3 employers in Baden-Württemberg."

An interview with Chris Langenstein, Global IT Manager ERP Financial Management at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

Chris Langenstein, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

In about five sentences, please give us an overview of your job at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST).

I work in Corporate Processes and Information Management at FST and lead a team in the Financials and Controlling area as Corporate IT Function FI/CO and “financials expert.” That means I am responsible for the conception, design and implementation of all finance, controlling and bank processes in the IT area.

In recent years, I co-designed and implemented a global banking communication concept for Freudenberg in cooperation with our parent company, Freudenberg & Co. My projects have also included new standards in the area of data encryption as well as work as an advisor and intermediary between specialized areas and the corporate examination office. This mainly involves principles of data access and auditing of digital documents.

How does your activity at FST differ from your activities at other companies?

I find the trusting collaboration between employees and supervisors to be especially worth mentioning. It is something that you don’t find everywhere. As a family company with international operations and principles that it lives by, Freudenberg has created an unmatched work climate. This and the global orientation of my work give me the opportunity to substantially contribute to the company’s success around the world.

Here you find the perfect environment to develop yourself and the company further.

Chris Langenstein, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Why did you choose FST as your employer?

I consider Freudenberg Sealing Technologies to be one of the Top 3 employers in Baden-Württemberg.

Aside from the good work climate that I mentioned, and the employee-friendly manner of managing staff, the inter-disciplinary cooperation of the individual departments was especially important to me. Here you find the perfect environment to develop yourself and the company further.

Can you tell us something about the culture at FST?

Collegiality, mutual consideration and trust are extremely important components of the Freudenberg culture. I can rely on my staff and my supervisors. Problems are tackled and solved together. At our company, every employee is encouraged to become actively involved and make suggestions for improvements. Many new features that are introduced later are based on these proposals.

In your view, what does FST offer in terms of career growth and talent development?

Chris Langenstein, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

The career opportunities for an employee of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are fundamentally very positive. The open dealings with one another, the company’s principles and the overall corporate culture promote personal development. Naturally, no one can take away one’s responsibility for his own career, but Freudenberg individually supports the targeted personal development of each employee with a professional talent management process. Among other things, this includes special seminars for managers divided into multiple modules.

How is your team organized and categorized within the company structure?

My team is globally organized – it currently consists of employees from France, Germany and the U.S. We’re part of the corporate function Corporate Processes and Information Management.

Do you have recommendations for potential colleagues regarding applying for a job at FST?

Freudenberg offers opportunities for everyone, from the novice to the technical specialist. Applicants should be able to identify with Freudenberg’s real-life diversity and culture.


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