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Battery Cell Power

Take it from Freudenberg: Whether bus, ferry, truck, train or other commercial vehicle, a reliable energy storage system is a basic requirement for an electric drivetrain. All parts of this system must work together flawlessly to ensure performance, safety and cost efficiency. That’s where our expertise helps.

Modern high-tech batteries are complex systems. First, they must be designed to securely deliver the power and voltage required for the application, fit into the available installation space, and incorporate components that protect against dirt, moisture and thermal extremes. In addition, the system should be easy to integrate into the vehicle or ship and come with a state-of-the-art battery management system.

The battery management system, itself, is a complex unit that must continuously monitor dozens of parameters to maximize the performance and system safety of the battery units. In combination with advanced telematics, the status of the battery management system must be monitored in real time and include future upgrades like “over-the-air system updates". And at the heart of all this complexity is safety and performance.

Freudenberg has two, long-standing battery entities to help you manage the complexity. Our experts will help you analyze, design and deliver a battery system that meets your application needs.

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XALT Energy

Our company XALT Energy, LLC. specializes in the development and production of battery cells for heavy duty applications.

Lithium-ion battery cells are known for their high energy density and low weight. They have little or no memory effect and very slow charge loss when not in use. At XALT Energy's own R&D center, lithium-ion cell technology is continuously developed based on the latest findings in lithium-ion chemistry.

XALT Energy focuses on particularly durable, cycle-stable cells that are required to meet the long life and power demands of heavy-duty applications. Our automotive-standard production processes, which run entirely in clean rooms, deliver high cell quality and consistency, stable performance, and significantly improved cycle life. For example, power cells from XALT Energy, cells with high charge and discharge rates, perform more than 10,000 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge, providing the desired system longevity and reliability.

Freudenberg Battery Power Systems

Freudenberg Battery Power Systems, LLC, focuses on the development, production, assembly, and service of battery systems for heavy duty applications in the truck and bus, marine and mining industries, among others. From the development and installation of our first lithium-ion battery system for passenger buses in 2016, we now have more than one thousand battery electric powertrain systems in the field. They have completed more than 20 million miles with the highest reliability, giving us access to one of the most comprehensive reliability data collections in the industry.

Freudenberg Battery Power Systems offers standardized, validated power and energy systems as well as customer-specific battery solutions. Thanks to our high degree of vertical integration, all system developments are carried out in-house, independent of external suppliers. In addition to offering heavy-duty, high performance XALT Energy battery cells, the company also uses cells from leading manufacturers worldwide, always focusing on the optimum solution for the customer application.

The close cooperation with customers from all industries starts with the early concept development through the individual sample phases and the series application up to the later after-sales service in the field. We offer this service both on-site at our customers' premises, at the location where the systems are used, as well as "remotely" and in "real-time" via our telematics system. With specific design know-how, high technical capabilities and modern manufacturing processes, Freudenberg Battery Power Systems develops and produces high-quality turnkey energy storage systems - including real-time monitoring, field service and support.

Our proprietary battery management system has been developed according to ISO26262 and can be certified together with the customer if required. Dedicated racking and wiring harness solutions, as well as thermal systems if required, complete our portfolio.

The development of segment-specific battery systems is one of our success factors. For the development of battery systems specifically for commercial shipping, we work closely with the world's leading shipyards and integrators. Our systems are DNV Type-Approved and thus suitable for use on the high seas. We are currently working on additional certifications.

We have the solutions you are seeking in battery electric energy systems. Let us offer you our expertise and value the next time you have battery electric system needs.

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