FST Health Safety Environment HSE

Often invisible. Always essential.

Health, Safety and Environment

Safety first!

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies takes responsibilities for employees and the environment.

FST Health Safety Environment HSE

As a family company with more than 160 years of tradition and experience, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is aware of its responsibility for the health and safety of its employees. Companies that are part of the Freudenberg Group are also responsible for shaping their economic activities as sustainably as possible from an environmental standpoint. Health, occupational and environmental prolection are key components of the long-term thinking and social responsibility that Freudenberg Group companies embrace.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies:

  • promotes and supports the health, its preservation, and the well-being of its employees.
  • is committed to acting responsibly, minimizing risk and and ensuring anew each day that everyone is working safely.
  • exercise great care to steadily reduce the adverse effects on the environment resulting from its actions and maintain the natural living environment for future generations.

In doing so, its organizational structures and management systems ensure legal conformity, give employees a framework for their orientation, and help to pursue the long-term goals of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

The production units of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies EU have certified management systems: an environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001, an occupational safety management system in accordance with OSHAS 18001, and an energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 50001 (under preparation).

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