Career at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies


Working at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

What we offer

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) is one the world’s leading producers of custom-developed elastomeric materials and precision-molded seals and products. While our work is often invisible, it is truly always essential. Our seals, featured in many well-known end products all over the world, make life that little bit easier for us. As Freudenberg’s largest business group with over 15,000 employees globally, FST generated sales of over 2 billion Euro in 2015.

Working at Freudenberg is more than just a job; it’s a career. The opportunities are as diverse as the challenges that await you, regardless of whether you are right at the start of your career or whether you are looking for new challenges. As a global company, we offer exciting personal development opportunities around the world.

Don´t be invisible, become essential.

Culture, Diversity and Personal Growth

Freudenberg thrives on diversity

Freudenberg thrives on diversity. Around the world, employees from many different cultures work productively together. Despite their diversity, however, there is one thing that they all have in common – whether they live and work in Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro or Berlin. Throughout the world, Freudenberg’s values provide a solid basis for cooperation, both within the Group and with other companies. In the course of 165 years of corporate history, these values have become a deeply embedded culture, a DNA so to speak. They provide clarity for our employees, reliability for our business partners and coherence for the entire Group. Customer value, a culture of innovation, leadership, trust, respect, responsibility and long-term orientation: wherever we are in the world, these are the values that Freudenberg lives every day.

Employees are given the opportunity to contribute their performance and their knowledge to the company. This is best achieved in an open organizational culture where creativity and innovation can flourish. Therefore, Freudenberg promotes cultural diversity and gender equality to best create this culture.

Guiding Principles

Work-Life Balance

As a family-owned company since inception, we get it - work and private lives have to be in balance. This enables people to access their full potential, so achieving a healthy work-life balance is a high priority at Freudenberg. We provide you with a wide range of opportunities to attain this goal. Depending on where you work, you can access comprehensive sports facilities and health care services, and we will also take good care of your little ones. In Weinheim we provide a company kindergarten. With flexible working hours across the Group, we aim to allow you to optimally balance your leisure and working lives. As a globally active family company with many business groups and locations in 60 countries, we offer different concepts across the globe. Get to know us and find out about the opportunities offered at each individual site in a personal conversation.

Employee Social Engagement

Employee Social Engagement

Freudenberg offers the opportunity for employees to get involved in the community and give back. We are dedicated to hiring people who model this corporate philosophy of community activism and giving. With the “Your Community Partner” program, employees have raised thousands of dollars for local, state, national and international charitable organizations.

Idea Pool

Good ideas pay off at Freudenberg. Through our "Idea Pool" initiative, employees around the world have the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the company even more effectively – and with proven success. As a highly innovative technology company, we use the "Idea Pool" to increase our global competitiveness. Every employee, no matter in which position or role, thus has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to Freudenberg's innovation culture.

We thrive on the expertise of our employees and – thanks to the "Idea Pool" initiative – ensure that good ideas are a source of profit for everyone. The objective of this Group-wide initiative is to generate new business ideas, evaluate and develop them into self-contained projects or even independent new businesses. The best part of the scheme is that imaginative employees are financially involved in the success of their ideas and can accompany their further development at management level.